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Jewelz & Foolz 2015: Not This Year!

March 9, 2015
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Were you kind to women yesterday?  I hope so.

This being the day after International Women’s Day, this is normally my annual naming of Jewelz & Foolz. 

So, what are JewelzFoolzyou ask?

Both are groups of men. The former, Jewelz , are men who I would like to share a beer, a glass of wine or a very cold Mexican Coke with today, pick their brains, get to know their hearts and maybe flirt with them, just for one day, on the day after International Women’s Day. 

Then there are Foolz, not the harmless kind, but instead men who have made some choices not good for womankind.

And yes, for the majority of people, Foolz can become Jewelz and vice versa.

If you reading this blog entry then there will be no 2015 Jewelz & Foolz column.  If you have read previous ones, Thank you.

It is my intention that this column return again March 9, 2016.  If it does not, especially without mention, it may mean that it has come to an end.

God Bless!


My first six Jewelz & Foolz postings can be found here:

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2010: Jewelz & Foolz March 2010

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So, who are presently your JewelzFoolz_large ?


Sage Spencer


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Jewelz & Foolz 2014: The Day After International Women’s Day.

March 16, 2014
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Were you kind to women yesterday?  This being the day after International Women’s Day, this is my sixth annual naming of Jewelz & Foolz.  This year’s blog entry is dedicated to Petty Officer 2nd Class Rebecca Blumer, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Georgina "Gina" DeJesus and Clara Hughes.

My first five Jewelz & Foolz postings can be found here:

2013: Jewelz & Foolz March 2013

2012: Jewelz & Foolz March 2012

2011: Jewelz & Foolz March 2011

2010: Jewelz & Foolz March 2010

2009: Jewelz & Foolz March 2009

So, what are JewelzFoolzyou ask?

Both are groups of men. The former, Jewelz , are men who I would like to share a glass of wine, a beer, a cocktail or a very cold Mexican Coke with today, pick their brains, get to know their hearts and maybe flirt with them, just for one day, on the day after International Women’s Day. 

Then there are Foolz, not the harmless kind, but instead men who have made choices not good for womankind.

And yes, for the majority of people, Foolz can become Jewelz and vice versa.

In this sixth annual offering of my Jewelz and Foolz column, I offer 60 Jewelz, 7 Jewelz Juniors, 19 +unknown Foolz and 1 Jewelz In Memoriam for your consideration (in no particular order) .



Aaron Lee

SS_March2014_AaronMathewLeeFor writing the following line for the March 19, 2013 The New Normal episode that you wrote that made me laugh out loud when delivered by the actor:



I’ve got a meeting with that Chris Brown to discuss rehabilitating his image by playing a transgender soup kitchen worker.


Arabo Babakhani

SS_March2014_AraboBabakhaniFor dialling 911 from the University of Central Florida and calmly and urgently getting help when roommate James Oliver Seevakumaran brandished a gun.  

Investigators found plans to get drunk, pull a fire alarm and then "give them hell,”; makeshift explosives in a backpack, an assault rifle, handgun, high capacity ammunition drums, hundreds of bullets near his body; and packages waiting for Seevakumaran at a campus mailroom containing two 22-round magazines, a sling for his rifle and a firearms training DVD.


Justin Timberlake


For his Saturday Night Live hosting gig on March 9, 2013 and for killin it at the 2013 Grammys!







Jason Collins, Robbie Rogers & Michael Sam


For coming out as gay pro athletes in the sports of Basketball, Soccer and Football.  The three of you will help many young athletes.

In the words of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam:

I am not afraid of who I am.
I am not afraid to tell the world who I am.
I am Michael Sam.
I am a college graduate.
I’m African American.
And I’m gay.


John Wood


For Room To Read whose literacy programs focus on helping primary school children become lifelong, independent readers by establishing libraries, improving school infrastructure, publishing local language children’s books and supporting reading and writing instruction through teacher training and material development.




Jacoby Jones

SS_March2014_JacobyJones For his solo fox trot during Monday April 8, 2013’s DWTS, performed for his baby boy.  Maybe you have to be a woman to get how cool it was?





Michael Pfleger

SS_March2014_MichaelPflegerFor saving lives through basketball with his weekly peace basketball league in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighbourhoods.  Violence is dramatically down in the community.

The basketball players promise to stop their violence and in return Pfleger helps them get a GED, job training, and job placement at one of 100 companies that have partnered with the league.


For you 2010 sermon advocating for the ordination of women. 

You can help Pfleger’s church here:  The Beloved Community


Muntazir Somji

SS_March2014_Muntazir Somji

For demonstrating how we can all change the life of a stranger if we choose to, by providing a home for six-year-old Sajad in Mooresville, N.C. via Solace for the Children while undergoing surgery in the US.


As  one of the youngest victims of the war in Afghanistan, Sajad lost his sight when blinded by shards of glass that pierced his eyes and face and was seriously wounded when a bomb went off next to his home.  


Darnell Barton

SS_March2014_DarnellBarton For stopping his bus on the Scajaquada Expressway overpass on October 18, 2013 while on route and saving the life of a suicidal woman standing on the edge of a bridge. 

What does it take to save a life?  It takes at least showing up.  You are awesome!



Mohammad Gulab

SS_March2014_MohammadGulab For saving and caring for Navy SEAL Marcus Lattrel and protecting him from The Taliban after the failed 2005 mission Operation Red Wings that cost the lives of 19 members of the U.S. military.

Two members of Gulab’s family were killed and two others injured because of his rescue efforts. But he had no regrets.




I will always have my honour, and I’ll hold it until my death.


Edward Snowden

SS_March2014_EdwardSnowden For revealing to the American public:


  1. how out of hand the actions of the government were getting (to the point of violating The Constitution)
  2. the lack of security at the NSA and
  3. the unchecked power that low level NSA contract employees have.


Jorge Mario Bergoglio

SS_March2014_JorgeMarioBergoglio For renewing the faith of so many Catholics desperate for change at the Vatican. 

And on a very personal note…Not long before I heard that Princess Kate was pregnant, I felt a Frances/Francis coming.  I wondered if it was maybe the royal baby (perhaps named after Diana Frances Spencer).  I think it was you I felt Sir.  I may have been waiting for an unknown Francis/Frances but the world has been waiting for YOU Sir.  God Bless.



Jackson Katz

SS_March2014_JaksonKatz For his Ted talk on the male issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse. 





Jamie Fox

SS_March2014_JamieFox For making me laugh with “Channing All Over Your Tatum”.




Mark Wahlberg

SS_March2014_MarkWahlberg For completing high school at the age of 42.  Very cool!





Glenn James

SS_March2014_GlennJames For returning a knapsack he found containing $2400 cash and $40,000 in travelers cheques and a passport.  Mr. James is homeless. 

Ethan Whittington of Midlothian, Va. started fund to benefit Glen James.  You can find it here:


Sean Murphy

SS_March2014_SeanMurphy For his act of civil disobedience in posting photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in his words to counter the glamorous photos in Rolling Stone.  I would not normally support a police officer doing such a thing but every act of civil disobedience has to be looked at individually.





I believe that the image that was portrayed by Rolling Stone magazine was an insult to any person who has every worn a uniform of any color or any police organization or military branch, and the family members who have ever lost a loved one serving in the line of duty. The truth is that glamorizing the face of terror is not just insulting to the family members of those killed in the line of duty, it also could be an incentive to those who may be unstable to do something to get their face on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.


Ariel Doron and Yousef Sweid

SS_March2014_ArielDoron  SS_March2014_YousefSweid

For as puppeteers from the Israeli version of Sesame Street protesting against Israel’s closure of a Palestinian children’s puppet festival, arguing that the puppet theater posed no threat to Israeli security. Said Doron:

I think every boy and girl deserves to see puppet theater.  There is no sense to this.

Israel’s Ministry of Public Security had ordered the closure of  the Palestinian national theater in east Jerusalem, cancelling a children’s festival saying that organizers of the theater illegally received funds from the Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank.


Justin Hopson

SS_March2014_JustinHopsonFor Breaking the Blue Wall  and for demonstrating the power of one, in this case that one person can be successful when standing up to fear and intimidation.





I was an ordinary cop with an extraordinary cause. My mission is to unearth corruption and shine a light on integrity because it seems like integrity these days has become the exception rather than the rule.


Brian Banks

SS_March2014_BrianBanksFor the grace you showed after being released from more than five years in prison for a rape you did not commit.

Banks is now a spokesperson for the California Innocence Project.



Philip Anschutz

SS_March2014_PhilipAnschutzFor your $700 million endowment that created The Foundation for a Better Life.






Will Swenson

SS_March2014_WilliamSwensonFor your heroic actions on September 8, 2009 in the Battle of Ganigal for which you received the Medal of Honour this past October 15th for repeatedly rescuing wounded American and Afghan soldiers.




John Shear

SS_March2014_JohnShearFor at the age of 90 saving the life of five year old Roxy Key when he selflessly threw himself in the path of a runaway racehorse.  Mr. Shear shouted at the spectators to get out of the way and then saw Roxy in danger.





I knew I was going to get hit. I thought there was a possibility I was going to die but you cannot stop and think should I or shouldn’t I. There is a five-year-old girl…I’m 90-years-old. I have had a life. She hasn’t had a life.  You got to save that life.

Being hit by the horse landed him  in hospital for more than a month with multiple pelvic fractures, a fractured cheekbone and cuts on his face and arm and it took seven months before he could return his job at the race track.


Brandon Stanton

SS_March2014_BrandonStantonFor his Humans of New York website.




Charles Poland

SS_March2014_CharlesPolandFor protecting the children on his school bus at the cost of his life from Jimmy Lee Dykes who then kidnapped one of the children and held the child in a bunker for a week afterward.




David Blaine

SS_March2014_DavidBlaineFor real or magic.  You are spooky badass kazy.







Jason Thompson

SS_March2014_JasonThompsonFor your December 3, 2013 performance on ABCs General Hospital.








Steven Harper


For your work to diversify the Canadian economy, for standing up for the sovereignty of Ukraine and for making me laugh when you said something to the effect:

‘Do I seem like I smoke marijuana?’


Howard Attebery

For finding the courage at age 90 to tell the girl you secretly loved for sixty years that you did.  Howard first met Cynthia Riggs in 1950.  Not too long ago, he mailed her the secret messages they used to pass one another along with a new message:

I have never stopped loving you.

They married at ages 81 and 91 after Howard wooed Cynthia with more mail and on an iPad he bought her. 

Love comes at every age.  Do not give up on love indeed.


Adam Mayer, Zach Smith and Bre Pettis


For cool 3D printers via their MakerBot Industries.


Dinesh Thakur

SS_March2014_DineshThakurFor telling the truth about Ranbaxy falsifying drug data, violating good manufacturing practices, violating good laboratory practices and for working with authorities for eight years to unravel the falsified records and dangerous manufacturing practices. In May 2013, Ranbaxy pleaded guilty and paid $500 million in a ground-breaking settlement.





Mario Cantone

SS_March2014_MarioCantoneFor your words on the January 12, 2014 episode of ABCs The View speaking out against using the word lifestyle when describing the lives of gays and lesbians.  It bothers this straight woman every time I hear it as well.  As a straight woman it is not my lifestyle to date men.  It is who I am attracted to; it is my sexual orientation.  Enough of the lifestyle word.  Cheers to you. 

PS.  Hopefully your colleagues at  20/20 heard you as they recently used it. 



Bill Hamilton


For as former (now retired) Whitehouse storeroom manager orchestrating a pay raise for black staff during the Johnson White House and for making me laugh when discussing on TV the possibility of Bill Clinton as possible First Lady. 🙂


Walter Robb

SS_March2014_WalterRobbFor committing Whole Foods Market to full GMO transparency by 2018 by giving supplier partners five years to source non-GMO ingredients or to clearly label products with ingredients containing GMOs.

Thank you!!!




Carlos Arredondo

SS_March2014_CarlosArredondoFor your humble heroics at the Boston Marathon after the terrorist attack.




Kristopher Oswald

SS_March2014_KristopherOswaldFor rescuing a woman from being beaten after hearing a woman scream in a Michigan Wal-Mart store parking lot while on his lunch break.  He witnessed the woman get out of a car and a man force her back into the vehicle.  When he went to her rescue he was physically attacked by the man.

I will always do the right thing.

Wal-Mart fired him for violating the company’s policy against violence.



Tony Rohr

SS_March2014_TonyRohrFor doing the right thing in his role as an Indiana Pizza Hut manager (10 years employed) in his act of disobedience in refusing to open his Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving because because he didn’t think it was fair to his employees that they would be unable to spend the day with their families.

He was fired after taking that stand.


Jose Bright


For helping children via the Teboho Trust.


John Stewart

SS_March2014_JohnStewartFor using his power for good by going on Bassem Youssef’s show.








Barack Obama


For your personal words on Trayvon Martin


For the intelligent way you handled the gay issue at the Olympics.


John Morse

SS_March2014_JohnMorseFor as Senator doing the right thing and supporting sensible gun legislation.







Joel Osteen


For helping me with your sermons.


Seth Rogen and James Franco


For your parody of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Sexy "Bound 2" Music Video.  OMG Funny!


Bill Gates

SS_March2014_BillGatesFor taking your computer fortune and doing such intelligent good with it.




Mark John

SS_March2014_MarkJohnFor helping save 16-year-old kidnap victim Hannah Anderson after coming across her and murder suspect James Lee DiMaggio in a remote corner of the Idaho. 

After returning home and turning on the TV:





And the news flashed on and the amber alert was on the television I told my wife that is the girl we seen on the mountain.


John Oliver

SS_March2014_JohnOliverFor your great work standing in for John Stewart in the summer of 2013.







Frank Shaeffer


For performing his  son’s wedding.

As pastor at Zion United Methodist Church of Iona, he married his son Tim and his husband which is not permitted in his church.

The love for my son took over the fear of losing my job with the United Methodist Church.  It was a tough decision in some sense, but I just knew I had to make it. I had to follow my heart.


James Saito

SS_March2014_JamesSaitoFor your moving performance as David Toriyama on December 13, 2013’s  Hawaii Five-0 episode entitled Ho’onani Makuakane.





Peter Carroll

SS_March2014_PeterCarollFor as coach of the Seattle Seahawks giving Brian Banks a shot after five years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.




Brendon Ayanbadejo

SS_March2014_BrendonAyanbadejoFor filing a brief as a friend of the court in support of same sex marriage and for your comments on March 24, 2013’s Face The Nation.  You are correct, it is the “evolution of the same issue”.



John Tester

SS_March2014_JohnTesterFor successfully removing the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ that was slipped into a government funding bill in March 2013 which was essentially private corporations telling the government to ignore the legislative branch!!!.





Harry Ettlinger

SS_March2014_HarryEttlingerFor your role as one of the real 345 Monument Men who worked to save works of art and cultural objects after the Nazis looted five million of them. 

Thank you Sir.



Ralph Lauren


For Lupita Nyong’o’s Dress:


Stephen Lewis


For The Stephen Lewis Foundation and all the good you do in this world.



Sebastien de la Cruz

SS_March2014_SebastiendelaCruz For showing anti-Mexican racist adults how they should behave by the grace, humanity and wisdom you showed after the response to your Star-Spangled Banner performance at the AT&T Center was racism.  And if racism against an American born CHILD isn’t bad enough, Sebastien is the son of an American veteran.


Aaron Arias and Jamal Harris


For saving a kidnapped woman they were at first checking out in the car next to them only to then realize was pleading “Help Me!”

They followed the car and called 911 until authorities caught up to the kidnapper. 


You don’t need a cape to be a hero.  You just have to be yourself and just respond. (Jamal Harris)



Miles Scott


For saving San Francisco and Gotham?


Davion Only


For shining the brightest light on foster children needing families.


Denzel Thompson

SS_March2014_DenzelThompsonFor urban farming and the Philadelphia Urban Creators, a youth led organization that grows sustainable healthy food from the ground up.





For showing the greatness kids are capable of in your well deserved Master Chef Junior win.



And then there were:


Rob Ford


For: !?&%#@*?!^@#*&@#?*#@?!&!?&%#@*?!

  • driving around drunk endangering children’s lives
  • embarrassing your city over and over again
  • physically knocking down female Councillor Pam McConnell because you have so little self control
  • being too drunk to know you are smoking crack or for smoking crack while being Mayor and lying about it
  • talking vulgarly to the press about your sex life with your wife and for embarrassing your wife
  • demeaning women via your charming comments about buying women Christmas gifts:

    Women love money.  You give ’em a couple thousand bucks and they’re happy.

  • For all the nonsense you have expected your citizens to buy as you lied to them:

You know what, I made mistakes, I drank too much, I smoked some crack some time. You are absolutely wrong what [the media] said. They said ‘Do you smoke crack and are you a crack addict?’ No, I don’t smoke crack and I’m not a crack addict. Have I? Yes, I have. So…I didn’t lie. I don’t smoke crack…I haven’t smoked in over a year…but did I? Come on?


Randy Voller


The GOP that’s leading us – we don’t know where they’re taking us, but they’re raping us along the way.

Political disagreements are not rape dude!


Barack Obama


For signing the Monsanto Protection Bill!!!


For not a peep about getting Bashar al-Assad’s  ass hauled before the ICC for Crimes Against Humanity (Will that happen after chemical weapons are secured??)


Rick Perry

SS_March2014_RickPerryFor his teenage mother comments about Wendy Davis

She was a teenage mother herself.  It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example.


Vladimir Putin

SS_March2014_Vladimir Putin

For your anti-gay law which is a licence to hate.


for invading Ukraine.


Mike Wallace






For his homo-ignorant tweet after Jason Collins’ brave coming out.




All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys?

There are many beautiful woman in the world but I don’t want to mess with them either because both Jason Collins and I are attracted to guys.  He is gay and I am straight but we are both attracted to men.


David Wildstein

SS_March2014_DavidWildsteinFor ordering two of the three access lanes providing local access to a Fort Lee entrance on the George Washington Bridge closed from September 9 to September 13, 2013, claiming a traffic study was being done when there was no traffic study being conducted in political retribution against the mayor of Fort Lee.

If you used the George Washington Bridge to exact a political vendetta, you need to be prosecuted.


Richie Incognito

SS_March2014_RichieIncognitoFor justifying being an *expletive*!



Brandon Hantz

SS_March2014_Brandon_HantzFor dumping out the rice and beans on Survivor South Pacific.  The narcissism and profound emotional immaturity of a man who destroys the food supply because he is angry is dangerous for womankind.






Roddy White




For his tweet:

All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.

No, no they shouldn’t.  With all its faults we are blessed to live in a country where we can be judged by our fellow citizens if charged with a crime.


Victor Cruz





For his tweet after the George Zimmerman verdict:


Zimmerman doesn’t last a year till hood catches up to him.

So then George Zimmerman’s mother loses her son and then whose son is next to be murdered.  An eye for an eye makes us all blind! Character will out and it will eventually cost him.  Have faith in natural justice not vengeance!


Justin Beiber

For SS_March2014_JustinBeiberbehaving like a punk and forgetting that you are a Stratford, Ontario, Canadian boy who while talented has received many blessings. 

If you had alcohol in your system while drag racing, they better throw the book at you or you are headed for TROUBLE!


Chris Wallace

SS_March2014_ChrisWallaceFor comparing the roll out to Hurricane Katrina in the following way:






Katrina was a terrible event.  Lord knows you were there.  You saw how badly our government responded but it began and it ended within a week.  This could affect people’s lives for years to come.

Like seriously?!?


Yoweri Museveni

SS_March2014_YoweriMuseveniFor as President of Uganda signing antigay legislation that includes prison terms for repeat offenders.








Ludo Lefebvre

SS_March2014_LudoLefebvreFor your comments on The Taste demeaning Nigella Lawson when you tried to persuade a chef to join your team:

Look.  You need to decide.  You can be with a beautiful woman in the kitchen.



Rick Ross

SS_March2014_RickRossFor bragging about rape in his  lyrics:



I put a molly in her champagne.  She ain’t even know it.  I took her home and I enjoyed it.


Charles Saatchi

SS_March2014_CharlesSaatchiFor abusing your wife Nigella Lawson.








Mandip Sandhu

SS_March2014_MandipSandhuFor abuse of power as a Toronto Police Officer and for sexual assault for forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him.




The boys who raped Rateah Parsons


For gang raping Rateah Parsons.  If you gang rape a 17 year old girl, you don’t get a pass on this list because you may be under 19 or 21 or whatever the age of majority is in Nova Scotia Canada.

I agree with Anonymous’ choice to respect the Parsons family’s wishes and not release the alleged perpetrators of the incidents but I hope they gave the information to the RCMP as guaranteed at least one of those boys will rape another girl or woman if not prosecuted.


Bashar al-Assad

SS_March2014_Basharal-AssadFor Crimes Against Humanity (gassing your own citizens) and for two million refugees (so far).






Sidney Jourard

SS_March2014_SidneyJourardFor your 1960s Touch Research that I recently learned of where you studied the conversations of friends in different parts of the world as they sat in a café together. Jourard observed these conversations for the same amount of time in each of the different countries.





What did he find?

  • In England: the two friends touched each other zero times.
  • In the United States: 2 times.
  • In France: 110 times.
  • In Puerto Rico: 180 times.

Maybe time for some more Touch experiments or a series on the topic? Anyone?


Who are presently your JewelzFoolz_large ?


Sage Spencer


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kazy – Crazy is a great word, great word.  The way it sounds when it rolls off your tongue.  If its use did not include unintentionally picking on the deeply vulnerable that are the mentally ill, I would use “crazy” often as I like the way it sounds.  I commit from now on to using kazy when I want to use the colloquial meaning of crazy. 

Jewelz & Foolz 2014: Delayed

March 9, 2014
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If you are reading this..

First of all “Thank you”


Second “I apologize for wasting your time” Smile!

2014 – Delayed

If you are reading this,  then this years annual


column has been delayed.  It is usually posted the day after International Women’s Day, which would mean it would have normally posted on March 9. 2014.

This year 2014 will be my sixth annual naming of Jewelz & Foolz. 

My first five Jewelz & Foolz postings can be found here:

2013: Jewelz & Foolz March 2013

2012: Jewelz & Foolz March 2012

2011: Jewelz & Foolz March 2011

2010: Jewelz & Foolz March 2010

2009: Jewelz & Foolz March 2009

What is the problem Sage? 

Funny you should ask…

SS_March2014_DeadComputerMy computer is well dead right now…dead dead dead, seemingly unlikely to be resurrected but I shall try. Truth is it has been dying in various respects for a while.  Each time I go shopping for a possible new computer my head hurts…badly.  I quite like computers but I don’t like buying them!!

I normally write this annual column at the last minute.  I know what you are thinking , Sage

procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow

You are correct but in this case it has always been an  intentional choice to write it this way.  It feels more genuine somehow but it also means I take my chances that something will go wrong and this year it has.

If you are reading this then I now have access to a computer so that is good news!

I will write this annual column next week to be posted this time one week after (instead of one day after as it normally is) International Women’s Day so barring a catastrophe it will appear on Sunday March 16.2014 by noon.

Je m’excuse!

God Bless!

I hope you were kind to women yesterday?

Sage Spencer


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Jewelz & Foolz 2013: The Day After International Women’s Day.

March 9, 2013
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Were you kind to women yesterday?  This being the day after International Women’s Day, this is my fifth annual naming of Jewelz & Foolz.  It has been an extraordinary year for women, both good and bad.  This years blog entry is dedicated to the two girls/women that most inspired me this past year: Malala Yousafzai and Erin Merryn.

My first four Jewelz & Foolz postings can be found here:

2012: Jewelz & Foolz March 2012

2011: Jewelz & Foolz March 2011

2010: Jewelz & Foolz March 2010

2009: Jewelz & Foolz March 2009

So, what are JewelzFoolz you ask?

Both are groups of men. The former, Jewelz , are men who I would like to share a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail with today, pick their brains, get to know their hearts and maybe flirt with them, just for one day, on the day after International Women’s Day. 

In honour of my precious very young nephews I have now officially decided to at times include minors as Jewelz Juniors when appropriate.

Then there are Foolz, not the harmless kind, but instead men who’s judgment at the present time makes them not good for womankind.

And yes, for the majority of people, Foolz can become Jewelz and vice versa.

In this fifth annual offering of my Jewelz and Foolz column, I offer 42 Jewelz, 3 Jewelz Juniors, 18 Foolz and 2 Jewelz In Memoriam for your consideration (in no particular order) .




John Herdman SS_March2013_JohnHerdman

For all he has done so far for Canadian women’s soccer.  I know there will be more great things to come.





John Oliver

SS_March2013_JohnOliverFor his field piece on March 15, 2012’s The Daily Show on the absurdity that we/President Obama’s administration have cut off $60 million in funding to UNESCO and all future payments that can do a world of good because UNESCO voted to admit Palestine as a member contrary to a 1990 US law (P.L. 101-246, Title IV), that forbids funding any UN organization that “accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as member states."  Yo Congress! Overturn the dam law!





Stephen Starr

SS_March2013_StephenStarr For Revolt in Syria: Eye-Witness to the Uprising.







Shinya Yamanaka

SS_March2013_ShinyaYamanaka For discovering that mature cells in mice could be reprogrammed to become immature stem cells capable of developing into all tissues of the body.






Max Sidorov

 SS_March2013_MaxSidorovFor using the internet for good by starting an online fundraising campaign to give 68 year old bus monitor Karen Klein (Greece central school district in suburban Rochestor) a vacation, after a video of her being bullied by the seventh grade kids she was to monitor went public.




Jeff Crewe

 SS_March2013_JeffCreweFor saving the life of 18-year-old Ajethan Ramachandrana using an onsite defibrillator, while doing his job as Gym teacher at Weston Collegiate Institute, after his student’s heart stopped beating the middle of gym class.






Joel Ward

SS_March2013_JoelWard For his game winning overtime goal against the Boston Bruins on April 25th, 2012 knocking the defending champions out of the playoffs.






Tim Brown

SS_March2013_TimBrown For running such a cool company, Ideo.






Matt Mernagh

SS_March2013_MattMernaghFor fighting the medical marijuana battle against Canada’s failed medical marijuana program and ineffective Marijuana Medical Access Regulations which do not adequately help those who are suffering. 



Sanjoy Sachdev


For helping Indian couples who want to marry for love by giving them shelter and protecting them from harassment with his team of volunteer Love Commandos.





Twitter: lovecommandosin

Skype: lovecommandos


Roko Belic

SS_March2013_RokoBelic For the documentary happy.






Corey Booker



For running into a burning house and saving your neighbour Zina Hodge, 47, from her smoky bedroom. 




I didn’t feel bravery, I felt terror.

That is what bravery is.  Feeling scared and doing it anyway.  


Ahmed Sarmast

SS_March2013_AhmadSarmast For empowering children traumatized by war through education and music via his Afghan Youth Orchestra part of The Afghanistan National Institute of Music he founded in Kabul.  Half of the school’s 141 students are former street kids or orphans ages 10 to 22. 



Paul Davison

SS_March2013_PaulDavison For the Highlight App.







Mark Mattson

 SS_March2013_MarkMattson                                                                                                                                                                                               For fighting for a “swimmable drinkable fishable” future via The Waterkeeper.






Robert Vuksanovic

SS_March2013_RobertVuksanovic For using his skills as a flight instructor, getting in a plane and racing to meet 80 year-old Helen Collins in order to talk her down in a twin-engine aircraft after her husband died of a heart attack while flying the plane.





Patrick and Brian Burke

SS_March2013_Patrickand BrianBurke 

For their work (son and father) on the issue of homophobia in sports including through their You Can Play organization.


Julio Montaner

SS_March2013_JulioMontaner For his work in HIV/AIDS research and for fighting for an AIDS-free generation.






W. P. Andrew Lee

SS_March2013_WPAndrewLee For leading the team at John Hopkins that performed a  bilateral arm transplant on 26 year old Brendan Marrocco, who lost all four limbs in a bomb attack in Iraq.  The surgery was combined with an innovative treatment of infusing the deceased donor’s bone marrow cells to prevent rejection of the new limbs and was the most extensive and complicated limb transplant procedure performed so far in the United States.



SS_March2013_Jay-ZFor making me laugh and for his comedic timing when he interrupted Kanye at the BET Awards – Funny!







Sanjeev Kaila

SS_March2013_SanjeevKaila For helping ten-year-old Ganesh Yadav.  Ganesh was born with a facial deformity and his family wouldn’t have been able to afford the cost of surgery.






Salman Khan

SS_March2013_SalmanKhan For the Khan Academy.






William Gahl


For his work as head of the Undiagnosed Diseases Program at the National Institutes of Health.


What price do you put on the new discovery that one makes for a new disease that now has applicability to other patients unknown, untold, not seen yet?


Alex Haney

SS_March2013_AlexHaney For practicing bad things DONT happen when good men do SOMETHING and contacting the Toronto Police so they could call the Arizona Police, after reading the following threat on YouTube:




I now literally have a plan of seriously hurting… killing… murdering people in my high school… I WORK at the high school as a student teacher basically… which is why no one can find out about me somewhat accidentally planning to blow up the school… (and yes… it would be super easy.)

The teen writer of the post was arrested.


Alex Levesque

SS_March2013_Alex Levesque For mentoring over 300 people in five years, almost all of whom have records and gang ties, via his Automotive Mentoring Group in his body shop on Chicago’s tough southwest side.

With money from his own pocket and some donations, Levesque gives them a chance to restore their lives along with the cars. Profits go back to the shop.


I’m looking for the disenfranchised.  The gang members running around aimlessly doing crimes because they don’t feel they have any other options to be successful…When you’re able to put some tools in a young man’s hands and he’s able to learn how to use ratchets and cutting tools and a torch, there’s something magical about that.  When that happens, it turns boys into men.


Abdul Kader Haidara

clip_image001For saving priceless Arabic manuscripts from Islamic Terrorists who invaded Timbuktu Mali.


I bought every tin box I could find, the kind we store household goods in, and my staff and I filled them with manuscripts until the library was empty.

Haidara, Director of the Mamma Haidera Manuscript Library in Timbuktu, distributed the boxes to local families who hid them in their homes. Pictures emerged of Timbuktu manuscripts burned to ashes but all 30,000 documents hidden in the boxes were saved.


Chris Fisher

SS_March2013_ChrisFischerFor working to protect sharks, which are disappearing at a rate of millions a year.







If you put shark populations at risk, you put the entire ocean at risk—it’s that simple.

Fischer and his team capture, GPS tag and release 2-ton great white sharks and other large marine species on the 126-foot vessel MV OCEARCH with the goal of identifying where the sharks breed and feed in order to protect those habitats.

You can find Chris Fisher’s Global Shark Tracker here.


Oscar Lopez


For protecting a child from further physical and emotional abuse. 

Oscar Lopez (photo not available) was outraged when he saw his neighbour, Anthony Sanchez, belting a boy for not catching a ball so he videotaped it.

That’s enough. I’m having a (expletive) problem with you for beating the (expletive) out of him because he won’t catch the damn ball.

Sanchez responded by asking if Lopez knew his son.

I don’t know your son but I’m watching you. I’m a (expletive) father too.

Sanchez replies:

Why don’t you come over here and teach me?

Anthony Sanchez, 34, was arrested on suspicion of felony child abuse.

In the beautiful words of Oscar Lopez:

You don’t have to be a police officer to stop something.  Just speak up.


Dani Zapata


For cutting free a 9 metre pregnant female whale shark from rope cutting into the whale shark’s flesh and creating a hindrance that could have potentially become life-threatening for the animal. 


Daniel Day Lewis

SS_March2013_DanielDayLewis For the beauty that is excellence, in Lincoln.







SS_March2013_Jesus For whatever you did to make Florida irrelevant to the outcome of the the most recent presidential election.  Merci!




Kevin Cook

SS_March2013_KevinCook For committing to build a $50,000 playground in Joshua Smith’s honour after Joshua raised $3000 for his cash strapped city of Detroit with a lemonade stand.






Richard Henegar

SS_March2013_RichardHenegar For standing up against a homophobic hate crime and spending (along with his staff) over a hundred hours of volunteer time giving Jordan Addison’s car a new paint job, stereo, tires, tinted windows, and a good security system after bullies vandalized it four times by bashing in his windows, slashing his tires and keying homophobic slurs and “die” on it. Jordan Addison, a student at Radford, did not have the minimum $2,500 needed to repair the damage so just kept driving the car as it was until Richard Henegar stepped up.  Richard’s shop is Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke Virginia.  Tel: 540.354.2961.


Jesse Chaffer the 3rd and 4th


For rescuing and saving some 120 people using boats, in Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana after Hurricane Isaac burst over the Mississippi River levee and covered their town, leaving thousands trapped in attics and on roofs.


David Farrell

SS_March2013_DavidFarrell For using your pilot skills for good and rescuing a mother deer and her baby fawn after they became trapped on the frozen waters of Antigonish Harbour. Mr. Farrell used the downdraft from the helicopter’s rotor to push the deer off the ice to safety.




Rebekah Simpson’s Grandfather


For teaching his granddaughter about 911. 

Rebekah, age five found herself alone with her three and one-year-old brothers after her mom suffered an epileptic seizure.

She called 911.

My mommy fell down in the backyard and she wouldn’t get up… you think you can come here.

“We’re coming and we’re going to be coming fast,” the 911 operator replied.

Rebekah said she was scared and crying, but able to act quickly thanks to advice she received from her grandfather.  If you are a grandfather and reading this, go teach your grandchild how to dial 911…today!


Sanjay Gupta


For making me laugh when you punked Jeff Probst on his February 11, 2013 show.  Maybe you should give Ashton a call?






Michael Bloomberg

SS_March2013_MichaelBloomberg For trying, despite ridicule, to do something about how fat and unhealthy we are.  We need to return to the serving sizes of decades ago.  Soda is a start, in a long ugly war toward health and away from an obesity epidemic.




Elon Musk

SS_March2013_ElonMusk For making me believe that humanity will one day live beyond earth.




J.J. Abrams

SS_March2013_JJAbrams For Fringe.  My gran is a trekkie.  Yes, my gran.  Maybe that kinda stuff is in the genes?




Jewelz Juniors

(Icon to come after consultation with a nephew)

Eddie Hanzelin

Sister brother For, at the precious age of seven years old, using tech and social media to reunite siblings Clifford Boyson, of Davenport, Iowa  and Betty Billadeau, of St Louis, Missouri, who were separated in foster care as very young children 65yrs earlier in 1948.



Felix Finkbeiner

SS_March2013_FelixFinkbeiner For Plant for the Planet – Trees For Climate Justice.







Jack Andraka

SS_March2013_JackAndraka For at the age of fifteen creating a pancreatic cancer test that is 26,000 times less expensive than the current pancreatic test, takes five minutes and appears to have close to 100% accuracy.  Jack Andraka may just save many lives.  You rock…BIG TIME!





And then there were:


Denis Rodman


For his wilful ignorance of his “friend” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. 







Justice Scalia

SS_March2013_AntoninScalia For believing that the Voting Rights Act, the right to vote without discrimination, is a racial entitlement. 






Donald Trump

SS_March2013_DonaldTrumpFor commenting on transgender Miss Universe hopeful Jenna Talackova’s name and saying:






I looked at her name and someone brought this up to me Genital and those are the first letters of her name and it is Jennital and I am saying to myself hhmm that’s strange could there be an ulterior motive?


Eric Holder


For not prosecuting senior bank officials who participated in manipulating Libor


For not prosecuting HSBC bankers after they enabled Mexican drug gangs to launder money and helped Iranian interests evade U.S. sanctions.

If we are not going to put bankers in jail for rigging Libor why are we wasting tax payer dollars on white collar crime at all?!?


Joe Rickey Hundley



For slapping 19 month old baby Jonah Bennett on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta scratching the boy below his right eye and saying:



Shut that nigger baby up!

Jonah’s mother Jessica responded:

What did you say?

Mr. Hundley then fell onto her face and with his mouth in her ear said it AGAIN but even more hateful the second time.

You must be an all round charmer Mr. Hundley.


Charles Taylor

SS_March2013_CharlesTaylor For war crimes and crimes against humanity.  For acts of terrorism, murder, sexual violence, sexual slavery, the use of child soldiers, abductions, forced labor and enslavement. 



Stephen Harper

SS_March2013_StephenHarper For the 2012 Budget Implementation Bill which would repeal the CEAA (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act) in its entirety and replace it with a new piece of legislation, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 a federal
assessment law that is profoundly weaker than its predecessor.




John Williamson

SS_March2013_JohnWilliamsonFor speaking, as MP for New Brunswick South West, on the demise of the Canadian long-gun registry by borrowing from Martin Luther King’s "I Have A Dream" speech.




Free at last! Free at last! Law abiding Canadians are free at last!

Comparing the long-gun registry and slavery?!? 

You do know that Martin Luther King was shot by a long gun and preached non violence, eh?


Kingsley Brown



For saying that women are a threat to military cohesiveness and for saying:






Girls become women by getting older.  Boys become men by accomplishing something, by proving something.

Please tell me you do not have daughters?!?


Hank Greenberg

SS_March2013_HankGreenberg For reminding us that narcissism will stop at nothing unless we stop it, in his $25 billion lawsuit against the federal government.





Vladimir Putin

SS_March2013_VladimirPutin For the Russian law banning the adoption of Russian children by Americans as payback for foreign criticism of Mr. Putin’s regime and as an attempt to strengthen his own legitimacy in Russia. 



Mohammed Morsi

SS_March2013_MohammedMorsi For denying Egyptians what they deserve, democracy, by putting himself above judicial review. 

The political course you are choosing is not sustainable Mr. Morsi and it is going to come back and bite you in the you-know-what!




Charles Payne

SS_March2013_CharlesPayne For your comments as a Fox Business host on the plight of garment workers in Bangladesh, after 112 workers were killed in a factory fire and Mr. Payne felt it was unfairly being pinned on Wal-Mart.




It is tragic.  I don’t think something like this will happen again. Don’t think that the people in Bangladesh who perished didn’t want or need those jobs, as well.

Mr. Payne, more than 700 people have died in Bangladesh garment factory fires since 2005 and those people who perished were human beings with children who took the jobs they could get but would have preferred to work somewhere without lax safety conditions, non-working fire extinguishers and a lack of emergency exits.


Llias Kasidiaris

SS_March2013_Ilias Kasidiaris

For his physical assaults on fellow Greek politicians Ms Liana Kanelli and Ms Rena Dourou, during a live TV debate of politicians representing the seven parties that won seats in the country’s inconclusive May 2012 election.




Jason Kenney

SS_March2013_JasonKenney For responding to Olivier De Schutter’s, the UN Right To Food envoy, report concluding that there is unequal access to nutritious food in Canada and that close to 900,000 Canadians were turning to food banks each month:

It would be our hope that the contributions we make to the United Nations are used to help starving people in developing countries, not to give lectures to wealthy and developed countries like Canada.  I think this is a discredit to the United Nations.

Your disconnect about hunger Mr. Kenney is shocking.


Pascal Rostain

SS_March2013_PascalRostainFor his words and perhaps deeds in relation to the invasion of privacy photos taken of Princess Kate:





Its so stupid.  She’s a young lady.  She’s nice. She’s not fat.  She’s beautiful so you have to show them.



Tom Vilsack

SS_March2013_TomVilsack For when our Secretary of Agriculture was asked:

Is it time we stopped doing oil portraits of former secretaries? (because they cost $20,000)

Secretary Vilsack answered (after nervous laughter):

There are so many questions I would be happy to answer about our budget.  I just think that’s a really small ball kinda question.

Maybe… but as my great gran always says…if you take care of the pennies the dollars take care of themselves.  Maybe if we take care of the $2oKs, the budget will take care of itself?


Todd Akin



For this Missouri Congressman’s comments on abortion:




If it is a legitimate rape, the body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down. 

Grade six health classes now to include rape sperm.




Satwant Singh Kaleka

SS_March2013_SatwantSinghKaleka For your bravery when you physically fought back against gunman and white supremacist Wade Michael Page who rampaged Kaleka’s Sikh temple in Oak Creek.  Doing so delayed Page’s violence against others and likely saved lives.




Maurice Sendak

SS_March2013_MauriceSendak SS_March2013_WildThings

For Where the Wild Things Are.





Who are presently your JewelzFoolz_large ?

Sage Spencer

Jewelz & Foolz 2012: The Day After International Women’s Day.

March 9, 2012
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I spend most of my International Women’s Days focused on second and third world women, as that is where the greatest struggle is.  This year I found myself thinking of first world women as well as first world American men have been trying to pass laws to force women to have probes inserted into our vaginas against our will?!?!? Even writing that sentence just now does not make it feel any more believable?!?

Were you kind to women yesterday?  This being the day after International Women’s Day this is my fourth annual naming of Jewelz & Foolz.  My first three postings can be found here:

2011: Jewelz & Foolz March 2011

2010: Jewelz & Foolz March 2010

2009: Jewelz & Foolz March 2009

So, what are JewelzFoolz you ask?

Both are groups of men. The former, Jewelz , are men who I would like to share a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail with today, pick their brains, get to know their hearts and maybe flirt with them, just for one day, on the day after International Women’s Day.

Then there are Foolz, not the harmless kind, but instead men who’s judgment at the present time makes them not good for womankind.

And yes, for the majority of people, sociopaths excluded, Foolz can become Jewelz and vice versa.

In this fourth annual offering of my Jewelz and Foolz column, I offer 31 Jewelz and 10 Foolz for your consideration (in no particular order) .


The Fukushima Fifty

In the days immediately following the earthquakeSS_March2012_FukushimaFifty_3 and tsunami in Japan it was estimated that fifty faceless souls were working in the damaged nuclear plant.  While I imagine the number of exposed Fukushima Daiichi workers has far exceeded fifty by now(given radiation exposure limits) and I am only assuming given gender norms in Japan that the workers are all men, I think they are unspeakably brave souls so I had to mention them.


President Barack Obama

SS_March2012_PresidentBarackObama For bringing the troops home from Iraq, sending US troops to Uganda to hopefully help bring Joseph Kony to justice, axing the proposed pipeline route through Nebraska, finding Osama bin Laden, making me laugh when you said we had asked Iran for our drone back and going into Libya, in the spirit of R2P.



Alexei Navalny

SS_March2012_AlexeiNavalny For your anti-corruption work in Russia which desperately needs an Arab Spring.  Despite Vladimir Putin’s return after election fraud, I do not believe he will be in charge six years from bow.  Social media will make his life difficult.  His sins will not be as easily hidden this time around and the economy will bite him in the ass.  Maybe you will be in the government six years from now?



Stephen Colbert

SS_March2012_StephenColbert For “Stephen Colbert’s” brilliant interviews of his guests.







Ali Ferzat

SS_March2012_AliFarzatFor your talented and courageous cartoons in Syria.   Last August, Mr. Ferzat was attacked by some of Bashir al-Assad’s thugs including the breaking of this talented cartoonists hands.

I wish you well Sir and I pray for a free Syria!





The Father of Randy Phillips


US soldier Randy Phillips came out to his dad on You Tube and his father responded with love. 

I still love you and I always will.  No matter what. … I am very proud of you …I will always love you.



Tony Dovolani

SS_March2012_TonyDovolani For being a fabulously supportive pro dance partner when Chynna Phillips lost track of the choreography and completely panicked on live TV.





Ty Burrell and Danny Zuker

SS_March2012_Ty_Burrell   SS_March2012_DannyZuker

For making me laugh on February 29.2012 with your portrayal of Phil Dunphy and your writing of Modern Family’s Leap Day episode.  It concerned a female topic matter that I did not think would make me laugh…and you did.  I even rewound Phil’s emotional meltdown on my DVR (yes, I now finally own one and as I feared record way too much TV)  to laugh a second time.  (PS.  I am a new viewer.  No, I have not been living under a rock)

Nick Dorken


For pulling an unconscious man from a burning vehicle in Fort Myers after it had jumped the curb and crashed into a light pole knocking the driver unconscious.  Nick, a firefighter, was on holiday in Florida with his wife and daughter and is from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

SS_March2012_DrMehmetOz For standing up to the FDA on the arsenic issue and for trying to educate and empower the masses, a day at a time, about their bodies and their health.







“Leave Her Alone” Guy

SS_March2012_WhiteKnight For protecting me from being ??mugged a week ago.  I was walking in a reasonable area reasonably late at night and suddenly I heard this guy yell “Leave her alone!”

I turned and realized he was looking at me!!  I turned the other direction and by that time there was a guy standing RIGHT NEXT to me, like as close as your boyfriend would…when he is about to kiss you close!!  My guess, after the fact was he was an active drug addict AND just a bad guy.  I tried to remain completely calm and pretend I was not afraid. When I casually stepped back in the direction I had come from he stepped the forfeited distance right next to me again.

My protector had called from inside his car.  He was now stepping out of it.   I just casually walked onto the road as if I knew the guy in the car.  Scary dude left not too long after.  My white knight asked if I was okay.  I thanked him and left after catching my breath.  I was a little shaken so I forgot to ask him his name.  He drove a beautiful black sporty looking car.  If I was a guy, I might know what kind of car it was…but I do not.  Thank you again “Leave Her Alone! Guy”.

Anna Hazare

SS_March2012_AnnaHazare  For his anticorruption CRUSADE in 2011  in an attempt to gain a powerful anti-corruption watchdog for India.






Steven O’ Riordan

SS_March2012_Steven O'Riordan

For his documentary The Forgotten Maggies.

The documentary focuses on the human rights violations of the Magdalene Laundries including how the Irish State and Church kept these women against their will.  These laundries continued until 1996!! This film was launched at the Galway Film Festival in 2009.  Time to speak up Minister of Justice Alan Shatter!

Survivor Vid: Magdalene Laundries Survivors Together Campaign



David Andrews


For reminding all of us to look beyond the label of disabled because hidden talent can live in the places we fail to look and for teaching us that a disabled life is just as valuable as an abled life.  If I was near Germantown High School outside of Memphis Tennessee I would come see your Red Devils play.

Heniz Ward

SS_March2012_HeinzWard For the way he partnered Kim Johnston during their Monday May 16, 2011 Argentine Tango performance after her frightening neck injury the previous Friday. As a long time dancer myself, I felt sick to my stomach when I saw her injury.  And as a woman, may I say that the emotion he displayed after the fact showed his heart to be one of a very sexy man.





Todd Allen

SS_March2012_ToddAllen For foreclosing on a branch of Bank of America in Florida after the branch foreclosed on a couple who did not have a mortgage with them (the couple in question had paid cash to buy their house from Bank of America). You are a rock star!




Garet Hill

SS_March2012_GaretHill For founding the National Kidney Registry.  The brother of one of my best friends is dying of kidney disease and waiting for a  transplant.  It is not looking good.






Latif Hyderi

SS_March2012_LatifHyderi For fighting for justice and speaking the truth against his niece Tooba Yahya Mohammad, her husband Mohammad Shafia and their son Hamed which helped convict the three of dishonour killing three of Tooba Yahya’s daughters (Zainab, Sahar and Geeti Shafia) and her husband’s first wife (Rona Amir Mohammad) in Kingston, ON, Canada .  Sadly family and friends have ostracized this hero in response. 

No matter what they think — even if they consider me an enemy — I tell the truth and nothing else.

My duty was to oppose the crime and stand up for reality. In that, I have God with me and I felt it was right.

Sir, you did the right thing.  What they did was Haraam!


Robert Casteel

SS_March2012_RobertCasteel For protecting his son and obtaining a temporary restraining order against a child in his son’s 4th grade class who brought a knife to school pulled it on his son and threatened to get him after school. 

If we dealt with children who need support when they are younger and their problems are smaller, we would be much better off as a society.




SEAL Team 6

SS_March2012_SEALTeam6 For bringing aid worker Jessica Buchanan home safely.






Mark Lindquist

SS_March2012_MarkLindquist For being a Joplin Tornado hero when he rushed to try and save three disabled adults in the group home where he worked.  The 200 mph winds carried him a city block left him impaled in rubble and in a coma.  Sacrificing your own safety for that of three disabled adults was selfless and brave.  You are a hero Sir.  






Sandor Feher

SS_March2012_SandorFeher For helping crying children into their lifejackets aboard the Costa Concordia before returning to his cabin to get his prized violin.  Mr. Feher, a Hungarian violinist, was the first identified victim of the cruise ship disaster.

Mr. Feher, those children’s mothers are grateful.





Thomas G. Slama

SS_March2012_Thomas G Slama For championing, as President of The Infectious Diseases Society of America, the fight for DESPARATELY needed new antibiotics.





John McCain

SS_March2012_JohnMcCain For calling for action in Syria. 

  By no rational calculation should this uprising against Assad still be going on. The Syrian people are outmatched. They are outgunned. They are lacking for food, and water, and other basic needs. They are confronting a regime whose disregard for human dignity and capacity for sheer savagery is limitless. For an entire year, the Syrian people have faced death, and those unspeakable things worse than death, and still they have not given up. Still they take to the streets to protest peacefully for justice. Still they carry on their fight. And they do so on behalf of many of the same universal values we share, and many of the same interests as well.

These people are our allies. They want many of the same things we do. They have expanded the boundaries of what everyone thought was possible in Syria. They have earned our respect, and now they need our support to finish what they started. The Syrian people deserve to succeed, and shame on us if we fail to help them.

You are right Sir and I pray the international community forgoes the usual non-action and excuses on Syria

Paolo Macchiarini

SS_March2012_ Dr.PaoloMacchiarini For the world’s first successful transplantation of a synthetic tissue engineered windpipe coated with stem cells.  This surgery will tremendously impact patients in dire need of organ transplants.






Warren Buffet

SS_March2012_WarrenBuffet For calling out the inherent unfairness of his paying  lower tax rate than his secretary.  For giving us the Warren Buffet Rule and for endorsing the Buffet Rule Bill or the Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012. The bill would turn the principle behind the Buffett Rule into a rule of the U.S. tax code, requiring that all households with incomes above $1 million pay at least a 30 percent minimum tax rate.




Steve Moore


For sueing Todd Bertuzzi for the head assault that knocked him unconscious, broke vertebrae and ended his career… in his rookie year.  Bertuzzi should have faced criminal charges.  This civil case will finally go before the court in the Fall of 2012, over eight years after the assault .  Hockey has dirty laundry that needs aired and no one seems to have the balls to air it, let alone fix it.  Head injuries both youth and adult are an increasingly important topic.  Please don’t settle.  This case needs to play out for the good of hockey in the long run.

Chris Powell

  SS_March2012_ChrisPowellFor helping the obese and morbidly obese which takes special skills and heart.








Thompson Egbo-Egbo

SS_March2012_Thompson Egbo-Egbo For his Thompson T. Egbo-Egbo Arts Foundation that offers children of all social and economic circumstances the opportunity to experience the benefits of music.







Paul Martin

SS_March2012_PaulMartinFor using his power as a former Prime Minster to fight for equal funding for aboriginal students.






And then there were:



George W. Bush

SS_March2012_GeorgeBush For the Iraq War.  For 4,487 American soldier deaths. For 32,226 wounded American soldiers.  For $712 billion dollars spent.  For 105,000 to 115,000  Iraqi deaths.






Dr. Robert Nelson

SS_March2012_DrRobertNelson For the way he treated Diane Sawyer when she asked him a reasonable and very important question about the overprescribing of antipsychotic meds to foster children.   According to experts, there is no evidence to support the concurrent use of five or more psychotropic drugs in adults or children so why are hundreds of both foster and nonfoster children in the five selected states Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas on such a drug regimen? Given that your job centers on the highest ethical standards surrounding children and medicine, I would not have expected that from you.



 Mark Zuckerberg

SS_March2012_MarkZuckerberg Sage…just you just call a 27 year old multi-billionaire a fool.  Yes.  Yes, I did.

For saying:

That will be a fight we take on at some point

when he told a reporter at an education summit that he is determined to challenge the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act because it prohibits Facebook from signing up children under 13 without parental approval.

Children cannot cognitively understand what they would be consenting to so they should not have a digital tattoo.  If you one day succeed in doing that you will be engaging in abuse of power.

Donald Trump

THE APPRENTICE -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- NBC Photo: Chris Haston   For sacrificing his credibility by publicly announcing he was a Birther.







Arnold Swachenergger

SS_March2012_Arnold Schwarzenegger For cheating on your wife with a member of her household staff, fathering a child with her and lying to your wife about it for 10 years… and presumably not being a father to your own child.




Fred Alexander

SS_March2012_FredAlexander For, as Chairman of the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board, deciding to essentially shut down all school libraries and lay off staff.  Seriously Dude?!?






Mike Gallagher

 SS_March2012_MikeGallagher                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For calling maternity leave a racket.








Francesco Schettino

SS_March2012_Francesco Schettino For abandoning his ship the Costa Concordia near the island of Giglio last August after it struck a reef and capsized.





Noel Biderman

 SS_March2012_NoelBidermanFor his “Did your wife SCARE you last night” add campaign on his pro-adultery dating site.







Grover Nordquist

SS_March2012_Grover Nordquist For the bad public policy of never raising taxes that is his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”.






Steve Jobs

SS_March2012_SteveJobsFor the world of “i”!

Thank you Sir!




Jack Layton

SS_March2012_JackLayton For his brilliant political campaign that propelled him into Leader of the Official Opposition. 





Who are presently your JewelzFoolz_large


Sage Spencer

Jack Layton: 1950-2011 Man of the People Has a State Funeral.

August 27, 2011

Today was the funeral of a good Canadian man, politician, father, husband and activist, related to a long line of activists I learned today.

There are pieces of me in at least three countries now. This weekend I chose to stay in Canada instead of heading home, hoping to attend the funeral of Jack Layton.

I did not know Mr. Layton but along with Canadians and people who have lived in Canada I was saddened by his death.

Life is so beautiful and yet can be so very cruel.

To so soon after running his brilliant and destined for the Canadian history books political campaign that took the political left from obscurity and the New Democratic Party not only to its highest federal achievement but to Her Majesty’s Official Opposition only to be struck for a SECOND time with cancer?!? *shaking head* Cancer is a scourge! Is once not enough? It was so incredibly unfair that he did not get to live long enough to enjoy his success. It had been so shocking to see what a frail looking figment of himself he had become, when on July 25th he announced his second case of an unknown cancer. You just knew from looking at him that he was in the fight of his life but I never guessed he would be dead a month later.

It was appropriate that Jack Layton be given a state funeral. Politics can be so discouraging at times. Jack Layton’s was not. His passion was for everyday people. People who fight for the PEOPLE of a country should have state funerals. Thank you Prime Minster Harper for doing that. It was the right thing to do.

Jack, your Olivia is heartbroken. At your funeral she stood strong and dignified but I could see she was trying so hard not to fall down in grief for the man she loved. It was written all over her face. I will be saying a prayer for your soul mate tonight.

When I heard that approximately 6,000 people had already paid their respects at Toronto City Hall in one day while your coffin lay in state, I soon realized that it was unlikely I would get one of the 600 seats available to the public at your funeral.

I ended up watching your funeral online where most in my generation live their lives.

There are some deaths that seem impossible to believe. For me this is one. I am not sure why? Maybe it is the unfairness of it all. We cannot find a rat bastard like Gaddafi but a good man like Jack Layton has to die just when given the opportunity to do good?!?

Jack Layton’s 2011 political triumph while being decent and civil, always fighting for the people, made me care about Canadian politics. It was made clear in my December 2008 blog the sort of Canadian House of Commons behavior that I hoped would change. I realize that the Canadian Prime Minister has a majority government and can pretty much do as he likes but I also believe that Prime Minister Harper truly wants the Conservatives to replace the Liberals as the natural governing party of Canada. That will never happen if he does much of what many of his detractors fear is his actual boogeyman agenda. He will have to govern closer to the centre where most Canadians live, the Canadian centre which is politically left of my new home in America.

That said, I really wanted to see Jack Layton as Leader of the Official Opposition and Stephen Harper as Prime Minister both function in the House of Commons with their differing visions for Canadians, no centre party to make things easier for either of them but just the Canadian left and right. Why? Good question given that I am normally not a fan of the people only having two parties to choose from. I think because Jack Layton’s ability to set aside divisions and engage in politics that respected all made me hope that problems would be solved and things would get done. His getting it done for citizens against intransigence could have helped the debt ceiling nonsense in the US.

I suspect that not many will agree with me, but then no one believed me when I said Jack Layton would become Leader of The Official Opposition, but I actually believed that it was possible for Jack Layton to win the general election at some point in the future. I still believe he could have. I know this, Canadian politics was about to be shaken up for the good of people and I think the people would have liked it very much.

I think Mr. Layton’s death touched so many for a few reasons: their deep respect for the man; the incredible unfairness of the timing of his death and the great loss they felt over what his passion could have accomplished fighting for the PEOPLE. Corporate plutocrats take care of themselves just fine but there never seem to be enough fighters for the people. Jack was one!

Until such time as we have true political parties of the people, likely created, funded and run online, which take no money from corporations, people like Jack Layton who put PEOPLE on the agenda are desperately needed in every society.

Mr. Layton, your were my kind of human and Ed Broadbent, another decent man and the granddaddy of the political left in Canada was right… Jack Layton was the man!

Salut Jack!

Sage Spencer

Japan will win the Women’s World Cup and I am disloyally happy.

July 17, 2011

I finally know why people WATCH sports. As I sit here about to watch the FIFA Women’s 2011 World Cup Final both on my TV and online, I realize that people watch because they cannot play and they would love to be playing in the actual game they are watching. I would love to be playing in the FIFA Women’s 2011 World Cup Final game. As noted in my England’s Lost Goal At The World Cup! blog, I played soccer for a couple of decades. I would even by happy to be reffing it…which I am surprised to say as that would be some stress level, at least for me.

The sun will rise brightly in Japan tomorrow. It must be about 3am in Japan right now but those who stay up to watch will be rewarded and then unable to sleep as Japanese women bring home the World Cup and a gift to a country that has had a very bad year after the earthquake and tsunami.

We have a very strong team but when things look like we are dominating do not get complacent, as the sun comes up every day in a disciplined fashion. It will come down to the Japanese goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori, number 21.

I know it is disloyal but I will still be smiling ear to ear after what will be a hard fought possession soccer game!

Enjoy the Game!

Sage Spencer